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How to Have an Awesome Summer Without Breaking the Bank

May 26, 2017

I’m often asked how I find so many cool things to do with Sophie. The answer is actually pretty simple: I look to local resources and community event calendars, find the ones Sophie would enjoy most, and then add them to my calendar and go.

I learned a lot about different events when I was the Red Tricycle San Diego city editor. And when we moved to Terre Haute, I signed up for the local parents/kids resource site and found there are tons of inexpensive family-friendly activities.

But what I’ve found both in San Diego and Terre Haute is the same. More often than not, the activities Sophie loves the most are the simplest and least expensive endeavors.

So how do YOU find cool things to do with your kids this summer? I came up with 25 fun things to do this summer that don’t involve camp, a financial loan to get through the summer months, or Pinterest-worthy crafts to do at home (because some of us aren’t the DIY type).

Whether you’re in a big city or small town, head over to where I reveal my list of go-to ideas for summer fun.






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