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Sophie’s First Day of School

September 13, 2010

Photo: Google Images

Today was Sophie’s first day of preschool!

Sometimes I can’t believe I have a little daughter, let alone one that just started full-time preschool. Being a parent really gives new meaning to the phrase, “Time flies.”

Of course, Sophie did great. She was SO excited to go to school, see her friends and her teacher. I think attending four weeks of the preschool camp this summer really helped the transition to full-time school. Lots of the same kids from the summer were in her class, and she is so fortunate to have the same wonderful teacher.

Sophie marched right into her room, wearing her backpack and carrying her lunch box with her new water cup (the highlight of the back-to-school purchases). She wasn’t nervous at all (or if she was, she certainly didn’t show it).

And I did okay too. No tears were shed by me. Okay, I admit it. The summer camp transition really helped me too!

Sophie on her first day of preschool

Me and My Sophie

Bryan and Sophie (I LOVE this picture!)

Walking confidently to her classroom

Sophie outside her classroom, the Ganim (Garden) class

Sophie's little cubby, complete with her backpack and new water bottle

Very cute Rosh Hashanah book display in Sophie's classroom

Sophie and her buddy playing in the colorful rice tray

I'm so glad I don't have that rice tray in my house!

And just for fun…

Here's me on my first day of kindergarten (exactly two years older than Sophie)

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  1. September 14, 2010 8:41 pm

    Leah, What beautiful pictures of Sophie’s 1st at preschool. Any way I can order the ones of Sophie: 1st day of preschool, “Walking confidently to her classroom”, Sophie outside her classroom-the Ganim class. You take such beautiful pix, Boo.


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