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Sophie’s Room: A Pictorial Essay

May 30, 2010

Not a day goes by that I see blog posts with creative photo montages of homes, children and pets. So in order to attempt a photo post and get in touch with my creative side, I thought I’d photograph one of the most colorful rooms in the house — Sophie’s room.

One of the philosophies that I live my life by is to not fill my house and my life with random stuff and clutter. I try to keep only things in my house that have meaning to me. I’ve kept that philosophy while decorating Sophie’s room. There’s a story or significance behind nearly every item and piece of decor in her room. I say “nearly” because the diapers and wipes really aren’t that special.

Enjoy this pictorial essay of Sophie’s room!

Sophie’s door has decorated foam letters made by Grandma (aka my mom).

I found this cute door hanger sign on clearance at a children’s boutique. It says “heavy sleeper, ” which luckily, Sophie is.

Sophie’s room is hand-painted two shades of lavender by Bryan. He smooth-textured the walls and painted himself about a month before she was born.

I love the “Big Top” growth chart, which I bought at a local treasure bookstore and gift shop. That was one of the first items Sophie noticed in her room. Above that is a first year photo collage from Potterybarn.

Two white shelves hang on one side of Sophie’s room. The ladybug windsock was a gift from Grandma. It reminds me of Sophie’s love of nature, little bug creatures, and the outdoors.

Shelf items from left to right: Bedtime Snoopy piggy bank from Nanna (Bryan’s mom) that already has money in it. Ballerina bunny from a family friend that was in Sophie’s first Easter basket. Bootie photo from with photo of Sophie on her first day home (also from Nanna). Seasonal photo collage that I made (frame from Target and decorated with scrapbook stickers). I change out the seasonal photos each season. It’s always sad to take out the older photos, but I love seeing how she changes so fast. Ceramic pink Mazel Tov carriage that opens to a little pink bottle, that Sophie loves to admire. Engraved “birth announcement” frame with Sophie’s photo from the day she was born; a gift from a family friend.

Shelf items from left to right: Old-fashioned Southern bear (gift from a friend that lives in Tennessee). Old MacDonald cross-stitch that my mom made me when I was 4-years-old. Minnie Mouse clock given to Sophie by her surrogate Grandma Martha (aka my brother-in-law’s Grandma). The clock is more than 30-years-old and plays hallmark Disney tunes. Ozzie Bear, which was given to me by my dad when I was a little girl.

This colorful needlepoint was made by my mom when I was a little girl.

Here’s a view of Sophie’s toddler bed with her “friends” at the end. Her comforter and blanket are purple with flowers and butterflies. “Grocky,” her big white bear, sleeps with her until mommy moves it to the chair at night. I think Sophie suspects he moves himself. The knit blanket was a handmade gift by my sister, Aunt Ellye. On the wall is another cross-stitch “ABC” montage that my mom made me when I was a little girl.

By the way, she has MANY more stuffed animals that are not pictured. I keep the same philosophy with stuffed animals — we only keep ones that are special or have meaning. All the random ones are given to charity.

I fell in love with the “Oh Say Can You See” United States map at the same place I bought the growth chart. I just love the colors and uniqueness of it.

“Our World” — another piece of children’s art. You can find these and so much more at this wonderful online shop, Oopsy Daisy.

Sophie and I sit in the big chair and read every night before bedtime. Sophie has MANY more books downstairs, but this is our upstairs collection. The holder is actually a doll house that my mom had in her kindergarten classroom. We use it to store books.

To show you that nearly all items have meaning, the little ceramic square that holds the baby powder was given to us by Bryan’s mom on the day Sophie was born. She had a flower arrangement put inside it. What’s truly significant is that this was given to Jeannie as a gift when Bryan was born. She saved it 35 years to give to Bryan when he had his first baby.

This is the top of Sophie’s dresser. To the left are her baby book and other books. The items in this photo are her Shabbat candles that were part of her Shalom Baby basket; a Winnie the Pooh ornament given to her by Nanna; a Snoopy vase that was mine as a child; a figurine of Linus sucking his thumb and holding his blankie (just like Sophie does); a glass tooth holder that’s waiting for the Tooth Fairy; and a miniature Israeli flag replica that Grandad (my dad) brought Sophie from Israel. Incidentally, she was the only one to get a present from the Holy Land.

The last photo depicts Sophie’s name in Mary Engelbreit letters. I’ve loved Mary Engelbreit and her art for many years. In fact, I have the same letters spelling out my name in my home office. Sophie recognizes the letters and knows they spell her name.

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  1. July 31, 2010 10:14 pm

    Leah, Sorry this a few months late but here it is now. What a beautiful memory you’ve made for Sophie! “Sophie’s Pictorial Profile” is written with such tenderness and care. It’s really so beautiful. Mom 😉

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