A “Dog” Day Afternoon

After a flea invasion left poor Casey and Romeo at their wits-end (as well as Bryan and I), we decided to take matters into our hands. We headed to the South Bark Dog Wash to help these poor pups get some relief.

This was one of the best family outings we’ve had! It was so much fun! The South Bark Dog Wash is a self-service dog wash in the charming neighborhood of South Park. You basically pay a nominal fee that includes the tub space, comb-through, shampoo, conditioner, a blueberry facial, and towel service for the dogs. And all I can say about that blueberry facial is I wish they had that feature for the pet owners!

This place is awesome! The people are so nice, friendly and helpful. We were there for nearly two hours and they never tried to push us out or sell us additional product. They answered all of our many questions and gave us great tips. And the atmosphere was completely laid back.

Although our dogs don’t like baths (especially Casey who won’t even venture into the rain), we think they did enjoy themselves. I know Romeo felt worlds better and looked so much more relaxed afterward. Must have been the special “flea bite” shampoo and conditioning treatment.

And it was such fun for us too. It really felt like great family bonding. Bryan and I left feeling that we really did something to help our dogs. Even Sophie helped. And Bryan feels like he’s found his calling as a dog washer.

We’re definitely going back to South Bark. If you live in the San Diego area, be sure to check this place out! They have dog classes and sell tons of healthy food for dogs and cats. South Bark also has fun activities and treats at the quarterly South Park Walkabouts.

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