A Doorway to My World

I seem to have a fascination with doors.

Maybe it’s the fact that doors are an entrance to one’s home, and as such, one’s inner sanctum and refuge. A home – and what lies in it – is the ultimate symbol of who you are.

Or perhaps doors have deeper meaning, symbolized by the quote I remember from The Sound of Music (although I’m sure it’s from something more scholarly), “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” Maybe the door – because it can be open and shut – symbolizes new opportunity. A fresh start, perhaps. A way to close off the outside world and start fresh within one’s home, with one’s self.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui, a door has much importance and one should think carefully about the entrance to the house. Feng Shui practitioners consider the front door extremely important; it is where all the good energy comes into the home. It must be clean, well lit, welcoming and used.

Perhaps all these things are what draws me to doors. Take this photo of a blue door with a flower wreath and a wooden chair next to it, and the American flag swinging overhead. This is the front of a greeting card that is displayed in my office. I can’t remember where I bought it, or even what made me buy it. But I look at it every day and admire the beauty, colors, and patriotism. Something about this image just makes me feel relaxed. I picture myself sitting in such a lovely setting, reading a book and admiring the flowers that surround me.

The next two door photos are ones that Bryan and I bought at a beach-side art festival in Santa Barbara (our last vacation five years ago). This local Santa Barbara artist takes photos of images in Santa Barbara that symbolize beauty to him.

I could not stop starring at these photos, having such a hard time deciding on just one. We decided to buy both since they clearly had an impact on me. They are now framed and are hung next to each other in our entry way. I still catch myself looking at the beauty in the photos on a regular basis.  I’m reminded of happy memories of our Santa Barbara vacations; of simple times, before dogs, Sophie and the stresses of today’s life.

Maybe one day, I’ll figure out what’s behind my fascination with doors. In the meantime, I’ll be on the look-out for beautiful photos or art that depicts welcoming and unique entry-ways. And I’ll continue to smile each time I look at one of my photos.

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