A Little Bit of Thankfulness

This Thursday is Thanksgiving. The holiday crept up on me this year. I’m sure all the craziness and distraction of recent weeks played a part in that. But I’m excited Thursday is almost here and I’m busy planning my dinner menu.

This will be the first time in 41 years I’ve celebrated Thanksgiving without my parents and sisters surrounding me. It will be strange and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit sad. But I’m also so grateful I get to enjoy this holiday with Bryan, Sophie, our fur kids, delicious food, a warm home and cold weather. And with all that, it’s hard not to be thankful.

My friends, Megan and Wendy, posted a fun thankful tag video the other day, and it inspired me to answer the questions too. It’s a fun exercise and helps focus on happy things. And with that, here is a bit of thankfulness!

1. What color are you thankful for? Black

2. What does your spouse do that you’re thankful for? I’m thankful for his support of my entrepreneurial life. He has never once discouraged me from the work I’m doing, and for that I am grateful.

3. What does your kid do that you’re thankful for? I’m thankful for her creative, kind and resilient spirit.

4. What recent good news are your thankful for? I don’t know if I’ve received any personal good news, per se. But I’ll go with “Homeland” season six returns in January and the new trailer was just released.

5. What beauty product are you thankful for? Concealer. And my Origins lipstick.

6. What social media platform are you thankful for? Instagram. I typically love Facebook, but I’ve grown so tired of everyone’s hateful posts that it’s hard to be on that platform right now.

7. What cleaning product are you thankful for? The vacuum

8. What are you thankful for from the last person who texted you? The last person who texted me was Wendy and we discussed the season premier of “The Affair.” I’m thankful for our friendship and cross-country text exchanges.

9. What candy are you thankful for? Since it’s almost the holidays, I love those Brach’s Christmas peppermint taffies with the red stripes on the edges and green tree on the inside.

10. What app are you thankful for? The camera app.

11. What are you looking forward to that you are thankful for? Celebrating winter and the holidays in our new home in Indiana and (hopefully) experiencing snow for the first time.

What are you thankful for? Play along and use the Thanksgiving thankful tag for some gratitude this week.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for all of you who continue to read my little blog and have followed me on my journey.




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