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A Mother’s Day Ode to the “Bad” Mother

With Mother’s Day upon us, I know there are many of us mothers who think our actions have probably precluded us from the “mother of the year” award. So here are a few reassurances for us “bad” mothers who’ve wondered time and time again if if we’re screwing up our kids for life. And yes, all of the statements below I have done myself.

You’re not a bad mother…

If you allow your baby to sleep on their tummy. Unless it’s an extreme circumstance, your baby won’t die of SIDS. And guess what? Dollars to donuts, the baby will sleep longer and better!

If you let your kid watch PBS Kids or Nick Jr. for a few hours when you are desperate for some time to actually accomplish something, like keeping your sanity.

If you only have one child.

If you give your kid apple juice once in a while.

If your child shouts “STARBUCKS” from the car while recognizing the store logo as you drive by.

If you do what’s right for you and your baby, and not what your friend/mother/mother-in-law (insert appropriate person) tells you what’s best for you and baby. Unless they’re in your shoes, they don’t have a clue!

If you give your child pain reliever when they’re cranky and not feeling well. Think about it, people. If you’re in pain, wouldn’t you want some relief? Of course, use generic during this Tylenol and Motrin recall epidemic.

If your child has no interest in Mommy and Me, Gymboree, or story hour. Every kid is different. It’s not a reflection on the mother.

If you want to work outside the home.

If you have to use formula. Honestly, the kid won’t know the difference. Only the judgmental mothers will.

If your child’s Saturday lunch consists of food samples from the demo carts at Costco.

If you stay home from work one day while still taking your child to daycare so you can have some alone time. Imagine that, a full 8 hours for mom!

Take your kid to McDonald’s once in a while. I admit it; I thought I’d NEVER take Sophie to a fast food establishment. But today, I was faced with the choice while stuck at the mall waiting for a photo order (mistake #1 on the day before Mother’s Day). Either I let Sophie go hungry or get her a quick bite at McDonald’s. And yes, I broke down with a $1 cheeseburger. I think she’ll be okay.

If you take out a pair of socks from the dirty laundry to tide over your kid for the week. Doing laundry is not always as simple as it looks!

If you refuse a playground date because you don’t want to sunscreen your child yet again or get sand and dirt all over yourself.

If you’ve counted down the minutes until your child goes to bed. And then rejoices with glee when he/she is tucked in.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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