Cooking Fun with Weelicious

This week I was fortunate to meet Catherine McCord, better known as the Weelicious blogger. I’ve been following Weelicious for a while.  I love her recipes that focus on healthy (yet realistic) eating, and making kid-friendly meals and snacks. So how excited was I when I found out Catherine just released her debut cookbook?! And then better yet, she was giving a cooking class and book signing at a San Diego County Sur La Table.

During the class, Catherine prepared four kid-friendly and delicious items: Italian Pasta Pie, Breakfast Quesadilla, Spinach Ricotta Bites, and Banana Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Catherine also shared some great tips with us that I wanted to pass along to you.

1. Store and freeze food in glass containers. It’s better for longevity.

2. Growing your own herb garden is a great way to get kids involved in gardening and food preparation.

3. Water (as opposed to milk) yields fluffier scrambled eggs.

4. Frozen veggies can actually be more nutritious than fresh because they are frozen immediately after picking (hence keeping more vitamins intact).

5. Store onions, garlic and potatoes in a drawer in a dark place (rather than on the counter). They will last longer.

Here’s Catherine …

Delicious food …

Isn’t that KitchenAid mixer beautiful?

More cooking …

Italian pasta pie …

Pasta and breakfast quesadilla …

Pretty things at Sur La Table …


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