Crayon Art (aka Back-to-School Craft Project)

Sophie and I have been working through our summer list with only two and a half short weeks left until school starts. Last week we decided to work on a craft project that involved a canvas, crayons, glue and a hairdryer. If you’ve been on Pinterest, you may have seen this project before. It’s essentially melted Crayon Art on a canvas.

First go to Target or wherever back-to-school supplies are on sale and buy a package of crayons. This craft is actually perfect this time of the year since the crayons are on sale for close to 99-cents wherever you go. Also pick up a canvas from Michael’s or a craft store.

Then place the crayons in whatever order you want and glue onto the canvas using a glue gun or any other strong adhesive.

I personally would have arranged the colors in a rainbow fashion. But it was Sophie’s project and she chose this style. Let the crayons harden onto the canvas (about 20 minutes). Then grab your hairdryer and go outside.

Turn the hairdryer on hot, turn it to the crayons and start melting in whatever pattern you want. My hairdryer was happy it got some use since I never use it on my hair anymore.

A word of caution: If you are doing this craft on bricks or a surface that your husband/spouse/partner created, put down a cloth or newspaper first. No matter how pretty the art turns out, said person may not be very happy with hardened crayon wax on the bricks. I’m just saying …

Aren’t these two photos pretty (above and below)? Sophie took them!

And voila, Crayon Art!

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