Creativity and En-lightenment with Ziva Art

I had a unique lesson in creativity recently when I participated in a Ziva Creation Workshop.

What is a Ziva Creation workshop, you ask? Good question!

The word ziva literally means “light, ” “bright and radiant” in Hebrew. As a piece of art, a ziva is a 3-dimensional work that is created using an array of reclaimed materials and personal relics you want to treasure visually. The idea behind a Ziva Creation Workshop is that you discover a hidden part of yourself as you unleash creativity in the ziva-making process.

Deciding to embark on this workshop was a challenge for me. Although I love creativity, I was intimidated to create my own art piece. I often get an idea in my head what the artwork should look like and if it’s not remotely in line with that vision, I get frustrated. But I really liked the idea of this workshop because I would be creating such a personal piece. And I’m a firm believer in honoring family heirlooms and jewelry by displaying them prominently rather than keeping them stuffed in boxes and drawers.

So with a few pieces of jewelry in hand (and my camera), I spent a Sunday with different women creating our personal treasures. The day was led by the Ziva Queen Deborah Wiley of ZivaWorks. It was a truly enlightening experience. I’m so proud of what I came away with. I highly recommend making your own Ziva. It’s amazing what will come out of your mind, heart, soul, and hands.

Here’s a glimpse of the Ziva Creation day.

The Ziva workroom was FILLED with recycled art pieces, jewelry, metal, wood — you name it!

Deborah said to walk around and let the pieces select me. So after browsing table after table, here’s what I came to my seat with.

Here is the jewelry I brought from home.

Then we were confronted with a variety of glues, poor tools and stuff to put the Ziva together. I actually drilled!

I ended up having time to create two Ziva pieces. Here is my big creation, which I called Taking Flight. The butterflies and dragonflies really spoke to me. Probably because I feel like I’m soaring on a flight with my new business and life. I love butterflies and I’m now finding them all over my house.

There are two personal pieces on this: the gold flower-looking broach with the mini pearls on it, which was a gift my great aunt left me. The other items is the silver butterfly toward the bottom. This was a pin Bryan bought me during one of our first holidays together. The pin became too loose to wear, so I honored it on my Ziva.

Here is the second Ziva I created, which feels very peaceful to me. Hence the name Paz. The silvers and blues are calming. When I saw this frame on the table of Ziva stuff, I knew I had to have it. And for some reason, I loved that turtle!

The hamsa, or hand symbol, was from my necklace, as is the pendant at the bottom with the Tree of Life, snake and red apple. Toward the bottom you can see a tiny gold apple with a piece of jade inside. That was a necklace pendant that belonged to my mom (probably because she was a teacher). I think it’s one of her first jewelry pieces and I thought it way too precious to be sitting in a drawer.

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