DIY Halloween Costume … And Children’s Literacy?

Only eight days until trick-or-treating! Sophie continues to change her mind daily about her Halloween costume — Cinderella, a little witch, a ballerina … you never know what she’ll come up with next.

Last year Sophie was Ladybug Girl, based on the Ladybug Girl children’s book series. I love this costume for many reasons. First, it was completely “do it yourself” (DIY) and thus inexpensive and easy. Second, it was based on a children’s book that both Sophie and I love. Thus a great way for children to look at literature and book characters (rather than TV and movies) for Halloween costume ideas. And third, well, she just made such a cute ladybug.

I thought I’d share how I whipped up Ladybug Girl in case you need last-minute costume ideas that are simple and easy on the wallet. We started with the red base of a long-sleeve shirt and leggings from Old Navy (Target has them too).  This was great because the pants and shirt became a wardrobe staple after that. The red shoes were from Target. I found the wings and skirt from none other than RiteAid Pharmacy. And the antennas were homemade by Bryan (headband, black pipe cleaners, and red felt circles).

So there you go — easy, cute, inexpensive, creative, and a great way to promote children’s literacy!

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