Eating the (Colorful) Hungry Caterpillar

Yesterday was Sophie’s last day of school. I can hardly believe another school year has gone by! Sophie and I wanted to make a “last week of school” treat for her class. After seeing this amazing photo last fall on Pinterst, I knew I wanted to attempt the very colorful Hungry Caterpillar cupcake cake sometime soon. So what better excuse than the last week of school?

Making the cupcakes was not too difficult. I used the recipe from the original pin, but I doubled it by using two cake boxes to make sure I had enough cupcakes for all the kids and teachers. I divided up the batter among different bowls and Sophie and I used food coloring to dye the batter in rainbow colors.

When it was ready, I slathered frosting over the top, arranged the cupcakes on a platter, and decorated the “head” with candy eyes, and used gummy worms for legs. It was really fun activity for Sophie and me to make. She was so excited to bring them to her class. And of course, the kids LOVED the caterpillar (or rather, the cupcakes).

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