Egg Hunting and Basket Looting

I love holidays and seasons. I cannot resist the holiday decor, crafts and fun ways for Sophie to experience the seasons. And the Easter traditions were no exception.

A few weekends ago, Sophie participated in the annual egg hunt at So Childish, a wonderful children’s boutique in the San Diego community of South Park. This was the first year Sophie understood the concept of trying to find the eggs and is still disappointed she did not find the illustrious golden egg. After the hung, kids made an adorable spring caterpillar and butterfly craft. Thanks, So Childish. Sophie had a blast!

Aren’t these dogs so cute?!


Another favorite Easter tradition is the basket that Linda, our family friend, makes every year. Linda and her two daughters started a tradition of making Easter baskets for family and friends, and delivering them to doorsteps every Easter Eve. Every year it was a race among my sisters and me to wake up first and see what the basket contained.

I love that Linda and her daughters share this family Easter tradition with us, and in turn, it’s become our family tradition. And although my sisters and I do not all live under my parent’s roof anymore, Linda’s continued the tradition by giving Sophie her own Easter basket.

Full Disclosure: I let Sophie have her beautiful basket on Friday as she was not feeling well and was very brave for her first chest x-ray. I hid it outside; she found it, of course. And let’s just say she (and I) thoroughly enjoyed it!


Sophie was also thrilled to receive a $10 bill tucked inside an Easter card from her Nanna. Before she carefully placed the bill in her purse, her reaction was simply, “WOW! Now I can buy something. This is better than a quarter.”

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