Fall is in the Air

Okay, so the real start of the autumn season is September 23. But Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of summer. And since Starbucks rolled out pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin scones, I’d say we’re now officially in fall. So to me, once Labor Day passes (and Starbucks brings out the holiday fare), it’s officially fall and time to get out the autumn décor.

Starbucks Pumpkin Goodness (Images: Starbucks)

Let me say that fall is my absolute favorite season and I’m SO EXCITED that it’s now September again! I think I’m even more excited this year because I am so lucky to share my favorite season with Sophie. I can’t wait partake in fall activities with her, and experience everything new through her eyes.

I’ve always felt that September is the beginning of the year rather than January. Perhaps this is because of the hallmark of the first 21 years of life (maybe less, maybe more) – a new school year.

Oh, back to school … The new school year was always exciting (even if I wasn’t too fond of school in my pre-college days). There was that feeling of newness and excitement – new clothes, school supplies, lunch boxes. Opportunity and change felt like they were everywhere, and thoughts that this year would be the best school year ever.

Even as an adult, I’ve spent the last ten years working on a college campus where the year commences at the start of the fall semester. The first week of school is an exciting time on campus. The students come back in full force. The campus that was quiet and peaceful over the summer is now bursting with activity and youth. Just last week, I was sitting at my desk with my office window open and heard the SDSU marching band playing our fight song in the student quad. It made me smile. I felt the excitement of the first week of classes all over again. I can’t escape it! Nor do I want to.

There is another very important reason to me why September signifies the beginning of the year. And that is – quite simply – that it is. Rosh Hashanah – the Jewish New Year –typically falls during September. This is when Jews around the world (including myself) celebrate the earth’s birthday and the beginning of the year.

So now that Labor Day has come and gone my year-round home décor changes to match the season. Even my office shows signs of fall (my staff can attest to this). I bring out harvest leaves, scarecrows, and what not. Hanging flags and windsocks are displayed with images of falling leaves and harvest. I’ll be changing out my Bath and Body Works candles and hand soaps with the seasonal fare. September is apples and fall leaves. October is pumpkins (what else!) and caramel. November is pumpkin pie and spiced cider. In October, the house is completely transformed into all-things Halloween. And November brings turkeys and pumpkins.

This year, fall also brings new beginnings, most notably Sophie starting preschool. We’ll also be embarking on our first apple picking adventure later this month. Celebrating the other fall Jewish holidays, as well as Bryan’s birthday. Cooking fall soups and stews. There’s just so much in store – and this is just September!

So here we are – another autumn season upon us. But I do wonder … Does this mean I now have to put away my sandals and start wearing my stocking socks and closed-toe shoes? Well, maybe I will wait until September 23 for that!

I was so excited to see the leaves on our backyard plum tree change from green to red.

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