Farewell October and Halloween!

While it’s true that my Halloween decorations are boxed away and the “thankful” banners and turkeys are already on display. I still have to wrap up October before I can officially move on to the month of November. So here’s a final look at my favorite month of pumpkins, candy and Halloween!

Shopping for pumpkins at our local Trader Joe’s.


funky pumpkin

Bipp’s version of Where’s Waldo among the Halloween decorations …


Casey: “I’m NOT happy about this!”


Sophie had her birthday party at a local pumpkin patch in October. Technically she turns 6 in November, but we do love a good Halloween-themed party!


Here’s one of the party favors I made, which was inspired by the eighteen25 blog.


I also handed out these party bags with Magic Straws (chocolate, strawberry and cookies and cream flavors). The kids LOVED them!

party bags

I made these brownie treats for Sophie’s school’s fall carnival. The brownie cup is from Sweet Baking & Candy Making Supply.

brownie cakes

And these were for her class Halloween party.

candy corn cupcakes

And the day we waited all month for … Halloween!

me and sophie

Pumpkin carving!



This was the first year Sophie wanted to carve them herself. She did nearly all the work. Except scrape out the seeds – she left that for me!

pumpkin guts

sophie and pumpkins

Sophie was Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. You can’t tell, but she’s waving her wand (Wingardium Leviosa!). I have to admit — that in today’s world  where vampires and Monster High are so popular – it made me so happy that she went with Hermione for her costume (and it required no additional purchases since we had the cape and wand already!).


We handed out more Magic Straws to the trick or treaters. Those were the first to go!

trick or treat

The loot!

sophie and candy

Glowing jack-o-lanterns!

lit pumpkins

It really was a great Halloween and one of the best Octobers in recent years.

But now I’m ready for the month of birthdays (mine, Sophie, my mom, and mother-in-law), Thanksgiving, Hanukkah (it’s WAY early this year), school vacation days, my sister and nephew visiting from Iowa, and cooler weather! Bring on November!

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