Welcome to 1st Grade!

Sophie started first grade last week. I’m in awe of how much she’s grown, just over the summer months. She stopped sucking her thumb completely (more on that later). She got her ears pierced. She can now read entire books by herself, road signs, and so many words. She is so much more confident at her school and knowing more kids. I’m so proud of the little person she’s becoming.

What I learned in just the first few days of school is how first grade is quite different from kindergarten. The expectations are higher. The classroom is completely learning focused; there is no “free choice” playtime anymore. The kids have text books. They are treated as responsible little people. I like that. And Sophie is definitely ready for it too.

I can already feel that this school year is going to be a great one for Sophie. I’m excited to see how she grows. Bring on first grade!

A few photos from the week (walking to school). sophie walking to school

School supplies! school dask

At her “big kid” desk with an “under pocket” (under the desk tray for books). She’s very excited about this because kindergarteners don’t use under pockets! sophie at desk

And of course, a look back at previous first days of school.first-days-of-school_collage

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