The First Day of School (2011)

Sophie has come a long way since her first day of preschool last September.  She’s nearly 4-years-old. She is quite a bit taller and her baby cheeks are smaller. She now has short hair and a “big girl” back-pack. The lunch box and shoes remain the same (can’t figure out if the shoes were too big last year or too small this year).

Yesterday marked her first day of school — same preschool as last year, but a new classroom, teacher and new friends. It was hard to tell who was more excited about the first day of school — me or Sophie. Needless to say, she did great, as always. She even went so far as to tell me, “I go to a very special preschool. Because they have dress-up shoes in my classroom.” I think we’re off to a great start and it will be a good year ahead.

Happily walking to her new classroom.
As she turned back at me she shouted, “First day of school!”
Me and Sophie in her new classroom
Sophie’s Cubby

Here are a few images of Sophie’s amazing new classroom!

Her new classroom has a “restaurant” snack center where the kids make a reservation, review a menu and serve themselves. Sophie LOVES this!
More colors

The kids use real paint brushes for art.
Exploring the seashore

All the kids have a paragraph and photo of themselves posted on the board.

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