Getting Creative: Butterfly Wall Art

Sophie and I undertook an ambitious and beautiful craft project during our “staycation” last week. Inspired by Meg at Whatever, we decided to create butterfly wall art. This was a really fun project and was not as daunting as it looked. We bought painting canvases at Michael’s (probably any craft or art supply store will have them) and covered them in blue paint.

Then you grab a piece of white paper and paint it with lots of colors. Meg used watercolors, but Sophie and I thought it took too long. So we used regular art paint. We ended up needing two painted sheets of paper to cover the canvas with butterflies.

We then let those pieces dry overnight. Yes, this is likely a two-day craft project. Grab a butterfly craft punch and start punching as many as you can do with the multi-colored painted sheet.

This is the Martha Stewart butterfly punch. It’s really great!

Here’s what your paper will look like.

Aren’t the butterflies pretty?

Then take a glue gun and fasten the butterflies to the dried canvas in any type of order. This was our first glue gun craft.

Then you have a proud child showing off her art work!

Isn’t it so pretty?! It looks complicated, but it really was quite easy. We’ve since hung the art in the family room. Sophie loves seeing her art on the wall and I love the color it brings to the room.

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