Goodbye School … Hello Summer Bucket List

Someone told me that as we (adults) get older, time passes by so much quicker. When I was young and when Sophie was a toddler, I always thought of time as a slow process with the days and months inching by. But now that I have a daughter who is actively experiencing life and going through time with me, life seems to move so much faster. It seems like it was just yesterday she was starting the school year, and now she’s officially done with first grade. I started this blog when she was barely 2, and now I have a second grader!

First grade was an amazing year for her. Her reading took off! Much like her parents, Sophie loves reading and now reads full chapter books. Her vocabulary and writing ability soared in first grade, as did her math skills. I remember at the beginning of the school year, the teacher said first grade is a year of tremendous growth, and WOW, she wasn’t kidding!

But as much as Sophie loved school, we are both SO ready for summer! I just love the slower pace and (I’ll be honest) the sleeping in! We just posted our Summer List this weekend. We have been making these summer lists since 2010 and I absolutely love doing it. I hope we continue to make these lists as she grows older (although I’m sure the items will change).

Although we do plenty of lounging around and a few weeks of camp throughout the summer, I like that the Summer List gives us fun things to do during the 11 weeks she’s out of school. I love using the time off to take advantage of fun things in San Diego that we never do.

Here’s what’s in store for this year:

summer list 2015

And even though I don’t stop working over the summer, the days have a slower pace to them and I seem to have a bit more leisurely time. So with that, I have a few summer goals for myself. I plan to read most of the books in my TBR pile. I read more during the summer, probably since we spend a lot of time at pools and I read while Sophie swims.

I also have a goal of organizing all my old printed photos (including purging duplicates and shots of people that are no longer in my life). I want to clean out albums to make room for new prints, and order new shots to hang throughout the house. Even though I store my photos online, I’m still a big proponent of printed photos in albums. We love to look through them every now and then. I also want to organize and purge old office files, deal with my shredding and do more writing and blogging.

If you’re looking for some Summer List inspiration, here’s what we’ve done in the past:

Do you make a summer bucket list? What do you have planned while school is out?

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