Heart Crafts and Brownies: Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! Sophie and I celebrated this fun holiday by baking brownies and having a heart-filled craft weekend.

Let’s start with the brownies. I baked up a pan of Ghirardelli brownie mix (thank you, Costco). Then topped the brownies with cream cheese frosting (cream cheese, butter, vanilla, powdered sugar), and those cute little red cinnamon hearts.Sophie helped make the brownies. She cracked the egg, poured, stirred, and sampled the mix. Don’t worry this was after they were baking.Now for the crafty part of the weekend…

I’m trying to tap into my crafty self so Sophie can have some fun projects to do at home. I loved the two crafts we did this weekend, mainly because they were easy and I only had to buy one item; I had everything else at home. The first one we did was a window catcher of hearts.I first cut out white hearts, and then Sophie and I used water colors to paint them different colors and designs. Let me pause a moment to say how much fun I had with water colors! I hadn’t done that in so many years. So fun!

Then I strung them together with some ribbon and we hung them in the kitchen window. I might have to keep this one up after Valentine’s Day. It adds so much color and life to the window.

The second craft was inspired by Meg at Whatever. You cut out a large empty heart with construction paper and then lay that heart on a piece of contact paper.

Then inside the heart, you place different color shapes. Meg and her family actually made little hearts to go inside. That was beyond what I would attempt (and Meg’s kids are older than Sophie). Besides, my mom gave me this huge container of pre-cut shapes – Score! – so we used those.

After you place the decorations on the inside of the heart, you take another piece of contact paper and carefully place it over the heart. Smooth it out and then cut around the large heart. Then string it up and hang it in the window, the wall, or any place that needs some color.

I must say that half-way through this craft I remembered why none of my cabinets and drawers have contact paper. I almost gave up because that stuff is not very user-friendly. But I persevered and I’m glad I did. We now have three beautiful hearts on our sliding door.

We also spent Sunday morning with some preschool friends of Sophie. The kids were so cute making their own decorated Valentine’s together.Other Posts You May Like:

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