I’m a Published Author in “Tangerine Tango”

Yep, that’s right! I’m now a published writer in a wonderful book entitled Tangerine Tango, a collection of of essays written by women writers. My friend and fellow blogger Lisa Winkler of Cycling Grandma came up with the idea to create an anthology of women’s writing. Not sure where the project would lead, I was intrigued and excited to contribute three of my essays to the book.

Tangerine Tango is now published and I am just in awe. It is beautifully designed and contains such amazing writing from talented women of all different backgrounds. And proceeds from the sale of the book are being donated to to fight Huntington’s Disease.

Tangerine Tango is a small book that fits perfectly in a pocketbook, purse or jacket pocked, and makes a great gift! The book is available to purchase on Amazon and Createspace.I could not be more proud that my work is among the book’s contents, and I am grateful for Lisa for giving me the opportunity to contribute.

I think what was most exciting about all of this, however, was Sophie’s reaction to the book. When my copies arrived in the mail, she was very curious as to what this little book was all about. Then I showed her my name in the book and she smiled. She then asked if her name was in the book. And since she is the inspiration for so much of my writing, I told her, “why, yes, it is.” I turned the pages to one of my essays that featured Sophie’s name in at least three places. She was beyond excited to see her name in print and carried the book around with her for days. She even wanted to sleep with it. And needless to say, I nearly cried when she said she wanted to bring it to school for “show and tell.” I was surprised, but Sophie’s reaction was priceless and reinforced another reason why I love what I do.

Thank you all, my blog readers and friends, for reading my writing over the years. If it were not for you, my stories in Tangerine Tango may not exist! 

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