It’s Pumpkin Planting Time Again!

It’s that time of the year — time to plant pumpkins!

Not only is June the start of summer, it’s also the ideal time to plant pumpkin seeds for a bountiful fall pumpkin patch. You may recall our first attempt at pumpkin growing last year, when we received our pumpkin seeds from Farmer Bill at City Farmer’s Nursery and started planting in the hopes of taking home a prize for the biggest pumpkin. We had a great time growing the squashes in our own backyard and ended up with six big fall pumpkins.

We headed back to City Farmer’s Nursery yesterday for the kick-off of the 2012 pumpkin growing contest. Enjoy the look at our fun day!

Chickens and turkeys at the farm …

Sophie entered the contest herself this year by filling in her name …

Sophie and her seeds …

I bought three of these birdhouses. I wish I bought more! …

The “Face Painting” sign led to this …

Planting our seeds on the backyard “pumpkin mountain.” In case you’re wondering, Bryan just went running. Pumpkin planting does not induce sweating.


Stay tuned for our pumpkin progress throughout the summer and fall!

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