Looking Back at 2015

If I had to pick three words to describe 2015, they would be these: new, adventure and non-stop. We began 2015 by introducing Cody to our family. It’s strange to think he’s only been with us for a year because he’s such an integrated part of our family now. When he came to us he was energetic, yet shy and fearful. One year later, it’s like he never belonged anywhere else. He is so confident, loving and happy. I am also thankful Casey and Tess are still with us and are happy members of the family as well.

We were fortunate to travel to different places and have a few weekend getaways. Work kept me very busy, which is a good thing when you’re self-employed! Sophie became a “kid,” complete with learning how to read and write with ease. She has opinions and is certainly her own person. I read many books, binge-watched a lot of television and accomplished a few writing goals. We have a good life, and I’m grateful for it everyday.

One of the reasons I love making these photo collages (below) is it gives me a chance to reflect on all the memories during the year and seeing how much joy and love exists. Of course there are always challenging, depressing and tough times; this is real life and mine is certainly not immune to those aspects. But what keeps me sane is trying to focus on the positive and reflecting on the happy times. 2015 collage 72015 collage 52015 Collage 42015 collage 62015 collage 12015 Collage 32015 Collage 2Thank you for reading Leah’s Thoughts and being a part in my journey. Happy New Year, and here’s to a great 2016!

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