Monday Musings ~ April 11

Happy Monday! Did you watch the “Billions” finale last night? SO good! I’m going to miss that show.

1. I’ve been following Rivki Silver of the Life in the Married Lane blog for years now. She recently wrote about creating a playlist to help you go from sad to glad. I LOVE this idea (and her song choices)! I agree with Rivki that there’s nothing like music to help express emotion. While I can certainly think about the songs that evoke sadness for me, I’ve never created a playlist to help me feel happier. So thanks to her, I’m committing to creating a “sad to glad” playlist for myself. (Side note: Every time I hear “glad” I think of Pollyanna and the Glad Game. Just me?) The first song on the list: “Beautiful Day” by U2. What one song would be on your playlist?

2. Great post by one of my favorite bloggers, Jessica of How Sweet It Is, about how to prep make-ahead smoothie packets. I love making smoothies, but for some reason it always feels time-consuming to do so. Jessica mentions this same thing in her post – so glad it’s not just me! Her photos are always so gorgeous too. Seriously, she makes frozen fruit look amazing! I’m all over this smoothie pack prepping this week.

3. In this article, a Pixar writer talks about how to write a really great beginning of a story. His advice is super helpful for writers working on fiction. He breaks down the storytelling process into five simple steps, which makes complete sense when you think about the stories we read and watch. Be sure to watch the video contained in this piece because he demonstrates this process using Toy Story, The Incredibles and Finding Nemo.

4. Are you a writer or storyteller? This piece by Writer Unboxed explains the difference between the two (yes, there is a difference). Historically speaking, writers were amongst the clergy and the wealthy elite (the mere one percent of the population). Whereas storytellers existed to amuse and inform. They were the common folk you’d find around campfires and hearth fires, telling tales they’d learned from their others. Fascinating stuff! Love this quote from the article:

To be successful, writers must learn the skills of storytelling and storytellers must learn the skills of writing.

5. Finally, this touching piece on Up Popped a Fox was a beautiful reminder to us parents not to lose sight of the moments in life that really matter. Her words so resonated with me that I found myself in tears. Read it!

What’s going on in your life? Do you see yourself as a writer or storyteller, or both? What one song would be on your “sad to glad” playlist?

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