Monday Musings ~ August 24

Sometimes I feel like I have a lot to say, but the things are not necessarily worthy of an entire blog post. They’re like Facebook status updates; not quite as in-depth as a Snapshots post. Hence this post, which I’m calling Monday Musings.

1.First off, I want to thank everyone for reading my last post on body image, and for your thoughtful comments on the post and on Facebook. It brought me to tears hearing from so many people and reminded me why I write. THANK YOU!

2. Last weekend, we went to Target to do some shopping. I really only went because I wanted to look at back-to-school supplies. I wish I enjoyed Target the way so many people do. I’m sure I miss out on finding so many great things because I’m not a browser. But I just don’t enjoy it. I left the store with a pounding headache. It wasn’t fun.

3. Speaking of back-to-school supplies, this year our school offered the opportunity to purchase all the grade-level supplies from a company in one shot. Then the company sends the entire packet to your kid’s classroom the first week of school. In many ways, I love this idea because I didn’t have to go hunt for supplies and I get stressed thinking I may not be buying the brand the teacher wants. But then I ended up feeling bummed I didn’t get to buy any supplies this year. I know, #firstworldproblems.

4. Every year I go back-and-fourth about whether to buy a paper planner. I absolutely love paper planners, and I used to use them regularly. In fact, I still have all of mine dated back to 1993. But in today’s world of working online, I do all of my calendaring and task managing on Google calendar. So really, a paper planner isn’t a realistic tool for me (even though I like to write lists and ideas on actual paper). But then I see this and I get major paper planner envy. Do you use a paper or electronic planner?

5. I feel like I’m constantly replacing paper towels in the kitchen. Does anyone else feel this way?

6. I realized there are a full ten seasons (24 episodes each) of Criminal Minds on Netflix! I’m thinking of starting this show as a slow-burn binge. That should keep me going for at least a week or two, right? By the way, I did post this on Facebook (in case you read it there and are now having déjà vu).

7. What is it about kids not wanting to use the bathroom?! The other night I asked Sophie to sit on the potty before bed and she responded that she already went before dinner. That was 4 HOURS AGO! Why don’t they want to go? I welcome any chance I get to pee!

8. Do you remember how I wrote about how I was the editor of the “Summer Sticker Club,” a pen pal and sticker newsletter club that I ran through the mail when I was 12? Part of this was because of my obsession with Mrs. Grosssman’s stickers. Well I just realized Mrs. Grossman has a factory in the Bay Area! Next time I’m in Northern California, I’m going!

9. It’s a little frightening how much I found myself nodding my head while reading “17 Graphs That Are Way Too Real for Introverts.” #2 and #9 — so true! And #16 about the fictional characters? All this time, I thought it was just me!

Do you have answers to any of my burning questions above? Please tell me! And what are you musing about today? 

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