Monday Musings ~ February 8

Happy Monday!

1.February always seems like the shortest month. True, it is the shortest month with only has 28 days (29 this year). But with the President’s Day weekend coming up, it feels like the month is nearly over. And it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet! Speaking of the holiday of love, I may attempt to bake this cake for Valentine’s Day dessert. Doesn’t it look amazing?! I LOVE her blog and cookbook, by the way!

2. What time of day does your creative inspiration hit you? I am constantly inspired to write when I should be going to bed. Case in point: I am currently drafting this blog post at midnight. Before that, a scene for my novel popped into my head and I had to stop and write seven pages. And now the adrenaline is flowing and I have to be up and awake in less than seven hours. It’s really too bad my creative Muse doesn’t strike at 6 a.m. when it would be way more convenient. Hashtag: Night Owl problems!

3. Sophie is in the midst of selling Girl Scout cookies for the first time. I thought a modest goal would be 50 boxes (which she already hit). But apparently she felt inspired to sell 3,000 boxes to win a Nikon camera. I’d like to point out that was more than Troop Beverly Hills’ Wilderness Girls attempted to sell. Not sure if that pipe dream will happen, but I admire her determination to drag out the rusty Radio Flyer red wagon (from my childhood), fill it with boxes of Thin Mints, Trefoils and the like, and pound the pavement.

4. I want to print out all of these colorful photos and hang them on my walls. In fact, I just may do that.

5. I’m having a hard time finding a book that I really love reading. I’ve been trying to get through my huge TBR stack of books; and in doing so, I tend to start a book and when I find myself getting bored by it, I add it to the “donate” bag and start something new (because life’s too short to read a boring book). I just want to find a story I can get lost in reading. Part of this is complicated by the fact that I’m reading The Sweet Hereafter by Russell Banks for my novel writing class. This is a great novel, but I’m the type of person who can’t read more than one book at once. So maybe when I finish that novel, I’ll settle into something awesome. What are you reading these days?

6. Let’s talk about the elephant in the television room right now, which is the new season of The X Files. Those of you who know me and have been reading my blog for a while know that I’m not a big fan of SciFi or paranormal movies and television shows. But Bryan and I decided to watch the new episodes of The X Files because we watched the old ones together years ago. Let me say that we couldn’t get through the first few episodes. The dialogue between Mulder and Scully is SO forced and bad! And the plots and acting are campy and cheesy. It feels like such a disappointment, especially because David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are fantastic actors.

So having said that, here are my questions: Is it just me that feels this way? Was The X Files always like this? Or does it seem bad because we’re now used to a much higher caliber of television drama (The Killing, Homeland, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, etc.)? If you’re watching, please tell me your thoughts!

What’s going on in your life? Tell me what you’re musing about this week!

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