Monday Musings ~ July 11

Happy Monday!


1. Lately I’ve been spending my days packing and getting everything coordinated for our big move to Indiana. The process of packing, buying boxes and what not has been overwhelming, and I’m quite certain I’ll never want to see another cardboard box in my life. I’m also on a mission to eat everything in the house to keep from buying groceries other than fruits, vegetables and milk.

2. Speaking of eating everything in my house, I’ve also been baking to use up my bags of chocolate chips and cake mixes. I’m always on the quest to make the perfect chocolate chip cookie. This article with five tips to improve your next batch of cookies has awesome tips for perfecting your baked goods. … And now I’m craving cookies.

3. Have you ever wondered which literary characters are most similar to you? Here are the Myers-Briggs types of 202 fictional characters. Apparently Katniss Everdeen, Charlie Kelmeckis (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) and I are all the same type (ISTJ, the Inspector). What characters share your Myers-Briggs type?

4. Are you watching anything on television? Since finishing “Bates Motel,” I moved on to “Breaking Bad” for the first time. I seriously cannot get enough of this show and have stayed up WAY too late watching it. I’ll be bummed when I finish (already in season five). But at least I have “Better Call Saul” waiting in the wings.

5. Great article from a television critic who writes about covering 20 years of television, and how must-see TV went to peak television. It was fun reminiscing about watching television when there wasn’t DVRs, binge-watching and Netflix.

6. Interesting piece about how the notebook and bullet journal craze is flourishing in the age of the iPhone, as long as the pretty pages can be photographed and Instagrammed. I personally love a good notebook and still write all my lists and tasks with paper and pen. But my calendar remains electronic in Google. Have you tried bullet journaling?

What’s going on in your life? What are you watching, reading and thinking about?

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