Monday Musings ~ June 20

Happy Monday! We’re well into the month of June and I’ve been consumed with work, end of Sophie’s school activities (TWO. MORE. DAYS OF SCHOOL!), and sorting/purging/packing our house in preparation for the move to Indiana.

1. Speaking of sorting, going through everything in my own office was tough. It was harder than any other part of my house. I felt as if my entire past was inside those four office walls. So many journals; notebooks filled with poetry I wrote when I was young; diaries that go from high school to college years; boxes of photographs; cards from former colleagues and friends; all my paper planners. There are portfolios filled with newspaper clippings when I wrote for the San Diego State University Daily Aztec college newspaper, and so many writing and marketing pieces from my first job at KPBS.

I’m not sure if sad is the word to describe how I felt when sorting through all these memories tucked inside file folders and binders. Maybe emotional or nostalgic are better words? It was a strange feeling seeing my past in that room, and me now going through and sorting or purging parts of it. Either way, it’s a daunting task to look back at 40 years of one’s life.

2. So when I’m not busy preparing for my move, I’ve been distracting myself in the world of Netflix. This article about the types of TV shows we’re most likely to binge watch is spot on. I finished season two of “Bloodline” – good, but I wasn’t thrilled with the ending. The big win of late was “Bates Motel.” Not since “The Killing” has a series captivated me so much. The writing, characters and psychological story are all so fascinating! Now I need to find a new show to indulge in since “OITNB” is just not my cup of tea. Suggestions are welcome!

3. I’m planning to write more now that I finished teaching for the quarter and Sophie is out of school. I have so many ideas for blog posts, and a new novel idea I’m really excited about. I feel like my creative juices are flowing and I want to get the words and ideas out of my head and onto paper.

4. And speaking of writing, this post detailing what a 1970s mom blog would sound like is hilarious!

That’s all I’ve got for today. So what’s going on in your life?

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