Monday Musings ~ March 28

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Easter? The photo below describes the extent of my festivities. Sophie is on spring break this week (translation: I get to sleep in). And when did it become almost April? Let’s get started!

1. We watched “The Big Short” this weekend, which I thought was a fantastic movie. But I couldn’t help but feeling disgusted the entire way through. Seeing all the greed, arrogance and irresponsibility that permeated that entire period of the housing boom and bust is sickening. Back in 2005, I went into the post office to mail documents, and the woman behind the counter told me she was also a mortgage broker and could help me buy a home for no money down and at a mortgage interest rate of only 1%. I didn’t even know this woman and she had no idea who I was! But there she was, a mortgage broker in a post office uniform, selling shady loans and making big money doing it. Spoiler alert: good thing she didn’t quit her day job at the post office.

2. Moving on to a happier topic: books. Absolutely loved this literary map of the United States! It shows the best books for every state. California is broken up by southern and northern, so my half is apparently represented by the book, The White Boy Shuffle by Paul Beatty. What is your state’s recommended reading?

3. This article about what the things on your desk say about you is freakishly accurate. My case in point: #2. The fact that I have a physical to do list means I prefer physical books to e-books, cooking to eating out, watching movies on Netflix over going to the movies, and a sensible work uniform over trendy garments. Yep, sums me up perfectly!

4. There are two types of people in this world: those who love adult coloring books, and those who feel crippling anxiety at the thought of undertaking that project. I belong in the second camp. So naturally I thought this article about the lessons learned from a failed adult coloring book experiment was a breath of fresh air.

5. I’ve said before I’m not a big podcast listener. But when I heard “The West Wing Weekly” is now a show, and Joshua Malina (Will Bailey) is hosting and taking listeners through every episode? Well, let’s just say the episodes can’t come soon enough. Bartlet for America — always and forever!

What’s going on in your life? What are you musing about this week?

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