Monday Musings ~ November 28

Welcome to the one and only Monday Musings for November. The month got away from me. And for the majority of the month, the only articles being circulated were post-election fodder, which I really didn’t feel like sharing. So here we are on the last Monday of November. Let’s start with this photo of cranberry sauce coffee cake, shall we?


1. Every year I always make my Cranberry Zinfandel Sauce for Thanksgiving. I made it again this year, but forgot nobody else would eat it or take home the leftovers (my mom always kept quite a bit of it). So I had all of this leftover cranberry sauce and no idea what to do with it. That is until I found this recipe for Leftover Cranberry Sauce Greek Yogurt Coffee Cake from one of my favorite bloggers. I made two minor adjustments from the recipe. First, I used sour cream because I didn’t have Greek yogurt at home. And second, I used a loaf pan because my bundt pan is missing. While my coffee cake does not look as beautiful as Jessica’s cake, it was SO delicious.

2. I had some much-needed relaxation time over this past week, and used much of it to catch up on television. I’m almost done with season three of “The Fall,” which is better than I expected. I’m caught up on “Rectify,” a show that was a bit slow the first few seasons, but I’m really liking this final season. Bryan and I are watching “Chance” on Hulu. It’s interesting and I enjoy seeing Dr. House again, but I feel like it’s starting to derail and needs to wrap up pronto. I started “Code Black” on CBS after watching the fascinating documentary of the same name on Netflix. And finally, “This is Us” continues to get better week after week. What are you watching right now?

3. Speaking of television, when I was a kid, I was obsessed with “Little House on the Prairie.” I even had a bonnet that I wore a few (dozen) times. I loved this article of behind-the-scenes secrets from the television series. Did you know the Ingalls family was eating Dinty Moore every time Ma served stew?

4. Another great article I found is how a street photographer recreated his photo images 30+ years later. Apparently he tracked down all these individuals he photographed to recreate the exact photo now. It’s amazing how some people look the same, while others are completely different. Definitely worth a read!

5. Finally, do you keep lists? For example, task lists, movies to see, book to read, etc? I’m a big list-maker. I have work task lists, personal tasks, grocery lists, lists of meals for the month, book to read, television shows to watch, lists of blog post ideas, and probably many others. So of course I found myself nodding in agreement at this article that suggests 26 types of lists everyone should be making. I like some of her suggestions, including places to visit in your town, professional accomplishments and favorite quotes.

What’s going on in your life? What are you thinking about on this last Monday of November?





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