Monday Musings ~ October 26

Happy last Monday of October! I’ve been gone from these parts for a bit. I was visiting my sister and her family in Iowa, working on all the work that needed to be done, and participating in all the October happenings. So let’s get caught up!

1. Check out this amazing treat box The Popcorn Factory sent me. All the snacks were inside the cute ghost stories book box! So perfect for me and my love of books. I also tried out this Haunted House Gift Box, which was equally awesome. The contents of both boxes have already been devoured by everyone in my house. I know Halloween is just a week away, but I’m hoping to send a few of these gift boxes to a few people this week.

2. I have been feeling majorly stressed the last few weeks with so much going on, personally and professionally. I don’t like complain about being busy, because we’re all busy. I write this because the lesson I’m learning is that there’s only so much I can do in a day. This may be a simple concept for many people. But for me, it’s a daily struggle and a hard lesson to learn as I feel like I need to do everything, and do it well. I also realized I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to taking on too much. I’m tired of feeling overwhelmed and anxious worrying about everything that needs to be completed. It’s something I need to work on. Maybe I’ll master this during my 40th year (AHHH!).

3. You must check out this snapshot of Severus Snape’s email inbox. I’m loving this so much. It’s brilliant!

4. Fascinating story on NPR entitled, “If Big Food Buys Your Favorite ‘Natural’ Food Brand, Will You Trust It?” The story talks about how so many large companies are buying up smaller, “natural” food brands (e.g. Honest Tea is now owned by Coca-Cola). Will the brands still have integrity? Will the products continue to be natural and organic? What do you think?

5. As a Gen X’er, I completely agree with this article that we’re the generation that’s the glue of the universe. This is so true! “I am really great at taking pictures with my phone and then backing them up on the Cloud for future use. I can also use a slide projector and an overhead projector, and I still have my first camera, a Polaroid.”

6. I really liked these book suggestions for teaching kids about money. This is an issue I’ve struggled with and written about here and here. I hated it when my dad used to say, “Do you think money grows on trees?” Now I find myself saying the same thing to Sophie.

7. Speaking of money, loved this piece about eight ways we overspend. I’ve become pretty good at watching these items, but checking my utility bills was a great reminder. It truly is the little things that add up.

8. Great post by my friend and fellow writer Nina Badzin about when to unfriend on Facebook. I’ve unfriended people on Facebook for various reasons (and have been unfriended as well). I’ve also used the “unfollow” option many times. What’s your opinion?

What’s going on in your life? What are you doing for Halloween? Tell me what you’re musing about this week!

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