Monday Musings ~ September 7

Welcome to another edition of Monday Musings on this Labor Day!

1. I spotted these BabyLit classics in children’s board books at a San Diego independent bookstore and I fell in love! I want to buy them all (I already bought two). Clearly I’m not alone because when I posted this photo on Instagram, it got more engagement than any of my cat pictures. That says a lot!

2. I can’t believe summer is over and that Sophie starts second grade tomorrow! We made pretty good progress on the Summer Bucket List (more on that soon). I love the first day of school. I also love that Sophie chooses to buy the school lunch more days than she brings lunch from home. Because the less time I have to pack a lunch, the better. That’s money well-spent, I tell you!

3. I couldn’t figure out which parent I was in this “21 Parents You Meet After Having Kids” post. But then I realized I read the article after waking up from a nap on the sofa with Sophie watching television next to me. So clearly I’m #10 (Read: Laziness in Musing #2). Which parent are you?

4. I completely agree with this blog post by Gretchen Rubin about September is the other January. I’ve felt this way my entire life. Something about September and the new school year, coupled with celebrating the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah, always makes me feel like this is the beginning of the year, not almost the end.

5. Have any of you watched The Affair on Showtime? I just finished the first season and I have conflicting feelings about this show. The acting is compelling, no doubt; and it definitely kept my interest. But as I watched it, I felt kind of sick and stressed out the entire time. I can’t tell if that’s the making of great storytelling or the show just is not for me? Maybe it’s a show that’s better week-by-week rather than as a binge-fest?

I also can’t figure out the conflicting stories in some areas. I mean, I get that they both “see” a situation differently (fancy party vs. boring party, or different perceptions of outfits). But some of the situations that he experienced were not ones that she did. Or they experienced it in completely different venues. So how does this make sense? I’m really confused! Did you watch The Affair? What did you think?

6. Love this article about things not to say to a writer. This one is classic: “Are you still writing?” When people say that to me, I want to reply, “Are you still working?!”

7. Do you subscribe to The Skimm? It’s a daily email newsletter that basically sums up the important news of the day. I love how it takes something complicated and simplifies it so you know exactly what’s going on each day without having to read as series of stories on CNN. I read it every morning. Highly recommend!

8. This article on which bad behavior each Myers-Briggs personality type needs to check themselves for — TRUTH! I can’t believe how spot-on it is for several of the personalities. I’m an ISTJ. What are you?

What are you musing about this Labor Day weekend?

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