My Favorite Things … and What’s Up With THAT?

This is a completely random post. Lately it seems there are so many things that I either find myself loving, or being completely baffled by. I always think I should write about all these items. But really, if I wrote about everything I now love or don’t get, I’d have short posts and a boring blog.

So instead I decided to create this (probably boring) post to tell you about a few things I’m loving right now, as well as a few things I’m calling “What’s up with that?”

My Favorite Things

Vitamin Water — I don’t know why, but I’m obsessed with this stuff! I have completely lost my craving for Diet Coke. And when I do drink a diet soda, I find it way too sweat compared to the Vitamin Water.

PicMonkey — I was in a serious grieving process since Picnik closed. Thank goodness PicMonkey was launched in its place. It has a few bugs here and there. But at least I can edit photos again!

New Music — Specifically Michael Bubble’s “Home” and Norah Jones’ “I Think It’s Going to Rain Today.” I LOVE these two songs and play them constantly on my computer. I’ve always loved the “Rain” song and Norah’s version does not disappoint.

Instagram — I finally broke down and joined the world of Instagram. I see why everyone loves it. Look how cute it makes Casey look!

Eating Dinner Al Fresco — Since summer started, Bryan, Sophie and I have been eating dinner outside almost every night. The weather in San Diego has been perfect. And even those hot evenings are better outside than sweating at the kitchen table.

Xtend Barre Workouts — I recently started doing Xtend Barre workouts, which is a mix between pilates, ballet and cardio. I LOVE these workouts! If I’m being honest, I have not exercised this hard since before I was pregnant with Sophie. These workouts leave me feeling energized, sore (in a good way), and accomplished.

Whipped Garlic — Sounds strange, right? Since sampling whipped garlic at a Farmer’s Market recently, I’ve become obsessed with it. It’s raw garlic whipped with olive oil. That’s it! It’s incredible. Strong, but incredible.

What Is Up With THAT?

Juicing — I don’t understand why everyone is now into juicing. How did juicing become so popular all of a sudden? I’ve been mixing fruit in a blender for years and never started a trend.

50 Shades of Grey — My apologies to the fans. But I just don’t understand why everyone is obsessed with this book. Please explain the appeal.

Julie & Julia (the book) — I found a used hardcover of Julie & Julia from Goodwill and decided to give it a shot. I loved the movie, so I thought the book would be entertaining as well. It was anything but! I read like one big rant from Julie Powell. It made no sense and was NOTHING like the movie. Which really proves, again, what a great writer Nora Ephron was. According to Amazon, I’m not the only one who feels this way. What a disappointment! I couldn’t even finish the book and it’s already gone right back to Goodwill (as a donation).

The Olympics — Yeah, sorry. Just not into them. But I get the appeal.

The Presidential Election Candidates — ‘Nuff said!

What are you loving these days? And do you have a “What’s Up with THAT?!” item to share?

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