My Fifth Mother’s Day (And Those That Came Before)

This weekend was probably the best Mother’s Day weekend I’ve had in my mere five years of motherhood. It started out with Mother’s Day Shabbat at Sophie’s preschool, was followed by mommy/daughter manicures and pedicures, a trip to the Botanic Gardens Chocolate Festival with my mom, and ended with a wonderful family lunch with me, Sophie, Bryan and his mom, and my mom and dad.

The Mother’s Day Shabbat is probably the highlight of my year. Each class prepares special decor, gifts and dessert for the moms. I was able to spend time in her classroom and have lunch with Sophie, her friends and fellow moms. I was treated to a delicious cake pop for dessert made my the kids and Sophie’s teachers. And after lunch, everyone attended an all-school Shabbat service.

The best parts of the celebration included the My Mom description that Sophie wrote (dictated). The highlights among Sophie’s answers were:

How much does mom weigh? 41 lbs. (My sweet girl!)

What makes your mom happy? Love in her heart (I tear up when I read this answer)

How are you and your mom alike? We have brown hair together

What is your mom really good at? Cooking soup (I do make a lot of soup)

How do you know that your mom loves you? Because she hugs me (proof that hugs are important)

My mom is as pretty as a … HEART

Each of the kids made their mom a handmade one-of-a-kind mobile. Sophie chose to sew the top part of the mobile and affix buttons as the letter “L” for Leah. She then added some shrinky-dink drawings of smiley faces and her name, and one of me and Sophie together. Then came a cute picture of Sophie and a painted bottle at the end. The teacher talked a lot about how every mobile was different and was exactly what the kids envisioned for their moms. I will treasure my mobile, which now hangs next to my desk.

Cake pops for the moms!

And here’s a look at the Mother’s Days of my years past.

motherday 2011
mothers day 2010
motherdays 2009
motherday 2008
My First Mother’s Day (2008)

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