Need Fresh Dinner Ideas? No Problem!

I don’t know what my problem was, but for several months I was really uninspired to cook like I used to do. Don’t get me wrong, I still made our meals nearly every night. But my dinners were more like a constant stream of old stand-by concoctions rather than new and exciting treasures. For some reason, I just didn’t feel as inspired to plan meals like I used to do.

So I was intrigued when a friend told me about The Fresh 20 concept. And all I can say is it has changed the way I cook dinners!

Seriously people, you are going to love this! The idea behind The Fresh 20 is that every week, The Fresh 20 sends you five recipes that require only 20 fresh ingredients. That’s it — all you have to shop for is 20 ingredients (and I tend to have a lot of them already)! The elves at Fresh 20 organize the shopping list for you and give you a handy prep sheet. The meals are simple, creative, healthy, and really delicious. And it’s all for only $5 a month. They also offer a vegetarian and gluten free Fresh 20 option (we use the classic plan).

By the way, this is not a sponsored post. I’m not getting any payment or free meals for endorsing The Fresh 20. I’m telling you about it because it’s helped revolutionize my meal planning and I want you to benefit from my knowledge.

Here are a few amazing things I cooked from Fresh 20 recipes that I never would have made otherwise.

Veggie Tostadas and Chicken Tortilla Soup:

tortilla soup

I’m telling you … If you’re stuck for dinner ideas and are unmotivated to cook or shop, go right now and check out The Fresh 20! You can even download a sample menu of three dinners and try it out. 

What do you do to help with your dinner planning? How do you deal with dinner idea ruts? Do you have dinner ideas (by all means, please share)?

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