New Years Goal for 2010: What’s Next?

If you read the previous post (New Year’s Goal for 2009: The Results), you know that I’m not wild about New Years resolutions. But like last year, I have two goals for 2010 that I’ll share as my “resolutions.”

Goal # 1

My first goal involves simplicity – living with less stuff and using the things I have.

Throughout the last few months of 2009, I wanted to buy less stuff; use the things I’ve accumulated over the years; and be less wasteful. During the last two weeks of December, Bryan and I embarked on a major “simplicity movement.” We went through our home offices, random kitchen and bathroom drawers, closets, and garage. We emptied, donated, and threw away. If it wasn’t being used, off it went!

Here are a few examples of stuff I had on-hand. I have a set of rubber stamps, ink pads and paper that I bought several years ago, but rarely used. When it came time to write “thank you” notes for Sophie’s birthday gifts, I got out those rubber stamps, ink pads, paper, and left-over holiday card envelopes and made my own cards. It was a good feeling. I also used all my left-over holiday cards rather than buying new ones.

Over my winter break, I got out the photo collage frames that had been sitting in my closet for years and filled them with photos.

I started burning all the candles I’ve bought over the years, instead of using my precious 3-wicks as décor. And rather than putting away my Bath and Body Works snowman antibacterial soap on December 26, I’ve left it out and we’re determined to use it all up (after all, it’s still winter!). It’s been a great feeling!

Goal # 2

My second goal involves getting into mental/spiritual shape. I’m not talking about religion or going back to school. I am creating a way for me to grow my writing roots, and through that, challenge my mind and spirit.

One of the reasons I started this blog is to begin writing again. I’ve always enjoyed writing and that’s been present in my jobs over the years. But I was trained in the style of journalism and facts. In my current communications job, I write, but it’s usually policy or Web site copy and admission letter text. For several years, I wrote articles and columns for a local Jewish newspaper.

Aside from a few short paragraphs in my master’s thesis about why I chose the topic, I have yet to express myself personally through writing. I have not used writing to grow personally.

It’s time for me to do that. I have so many thoughts that go through my head each day. And after experiencing motherhood, family life, work and growing older, I have much more to say and teach.

Through this blog, the use of writing books and techniques, and learning about other working mom-writers, I will challenge myself on a regular basis to do what I’ve always loved and give my thoughts a better outlet. I think this will help my spirit and provide a mental challenge I haven’t yet embarked upon.

Here’s to 2010 and what lies ahead!

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