Passover: The Celebration of Freedom

Sundown Monday brought the Jewish holiday of Passover, which re-tells the story of Exodus, the Jews enslavement in Egypt and their journey to freedom.

It was fun hearing the many Passover songs and stories that Sophie learned at preschool. One memorable moment came a few weeks ago when Bryan and I were at the dinner table and Sophie was in the bathroom. Out of silence I hear a loud, “Let my people go!” coming from the bathroom. Proceeded by an equally loud, “No. No. No. I will not let you go.” Not what I expected Sophie chanting in the bathroom, but entertaining, no less.

Sophie’s entire preschool put on a fully choreographed re-telling of the Passover story, complete with costumes and song. This was a very special moment for me — seeing Sophie perform on stage, signing with such happiness and enthusiasm.

I had big plans to make a flourless walnut date cake and Israeli charsoet for our first night seder dinner. And of course, I was going to share the recipes and photos with you. But cooking became the last thing on my mind when the flu struck me and Bryan this past weekend. (Was the flu one of the plagues?)

So while I don’t have recipes and photos of food, I’ll share some photos of Sophie’s Passover peformance and all the Passover items she created. Happy Passover, or Chag Kasher V’Same’ach!

Sophie and her class dressed as Jewish people signing “Where is Baby Moses?”

Sophie and her class had fun learning the ten plagues. She was quick to point out she and her friends painted the blood and hail plagues.

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