Pumpkins in June?

It’s never too early to start thinking about fall pumpkins. That’s my motto; and luckily the opinion of Farmer Bill and the folks at the family-owned City Farmers Nursery in San Diego.

This weekend City Farmers kicked off their annual pumpkin growing contest for kids; and of course, Sophie was in line to get her pumpkin seeds. City Farmers gave us a quick lesson in pumpkin growing, and supplied the kids with pumpkin seeds we will harvest in our backyard. The idea around the contest is not necessarily to win. But to get the family together in an outdoor, organic activity, where kids feel a sense of ownership and pride knowing they are helping to actually grow something from a seed to a, well, pumpkin.

This coming weekend, Bryan, Sophie and I will plant our pumpkin seeds and watch them grow. I’ll keep you posted on our pumpkin progress until the big October day when the pumpkins will be weighed and judged, just in time for Halloween!

Thank you, City Farmers, for a wonderful family activity! Sophie and I can hardly wait until October!

Sophie and Farmer Bill, the owner and founder of City Farmers Nursery

My seeds!

Not only is City Farmers an incredible nursery and garden supply store, they also have goats, horses, chickens, turtles, fish, bunnies and a half-beagle on the property. It really is a farm … in the city.

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