Rapunzel, Rapunzel … Time to Cut Your Hair

Well my friends, it was time.

Time for Sophie to get her first major haircut. After nearly four years, it was time to trim Rapunzel’s golden curly locks for a cute summer cut (so what if summer’s nearly over).

So I called in Auntie Kayli, the haircut guru. Kayli is my “baby” sister, ten years younger than me. She is a true independent free-spirit.  She’s a “board-certified” hair stylist; earned a bachelor’s degree in psychology; owns her own dog-sitting business; has a tattoo of Snoopy on her wrist; and her pet is a rabbit named Sampson. So who better than to give Sophie her inaugural haircut than cool Auntie Kayli?

Here’s the before picture, with Sophie looking a bit nervous.

Look at that beautiful hair! I think I was more upset about cutting it than Sophie was. She was just shy of the “Locks for Love” 10-inch minimum. Otherwise I would have donated the mane.

There it goes…

The results … a cute summer style with freshly-cut bangs that are now out of her face.

Personally, I LOVE it! And more importantly, the little Coppertone Kid loves it too. She looks like such an older kid now! She was so excited to show of her new hair-do to her preschool teachers and friends. My little Sophie is growing up!

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