Scenes of Memorial Day Weekend

Pretty Colors
The weekend was not complete without a trip to Goodwill Books. Love this little $3 find from Goodwill. This treasure seems to go well on my kitchen window sill that overlooks the garden.
Patriotic Clock – Another treasure from Goodwill Books, and only $5
Welcome to my home!
Memorial Day 2010
Patriotic chips and margaritas
Samplings from the weekend’s Trader Joe’s and Costco shopping extravaganzas. It’s great when payday falls on the holiday weekend!
Homemade Vanilla Bean Scones

Those of you that know me, know that I’m obsessed with the Petite Vanilla Scones from Starbucks. So naturally, I was thrilled when I found this Pioneer Woman recipe that replicates those little pieces of heaven. They come pretty darn close to the real thing, and they’re certainly cheaper and probably healthier. They were time-consuming to make. So if you’re craving a petite vanilla scone at 8 a.m., you may just want to head to Starbucks!

Memorial Day BBQ — Cheeseburgers, Chicken Sausages, Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Corn on the Cob and Margaritas
Two Thumbs Up for Kirkland Brand Margaritas
Our gorgeous backyard sunflowers. These photos are taken by Bryan the Gardener and Sunflower Keeper.

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