Starbucks … It Could be the Dream Job Afterall

I had a conversation with a colleague recently that led me to an epiphany.

Said colleague and I were talking about one of my former jobs. Specifically she asked if I’d ever go back to that position. The answer came quicker than I expected, which was, “No. I would NOT go back.”

I almost followed that line with, “I’d rather work at Starbucks than go back to that job.”

While this seems like a dig on working in food service – and I admit I was probably leaning toward that attitude when making that comparison – I quickly realized that working at Starbucks would wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

Think about it! I’d get free espresso drinks anytime. That’s quite a bit of money back in the wallet for 1 – 2 weekly Starbucks runs. Bryan and I buy about four bags of good-quality whole beans a month for our coffee at home. I don’t know this for sure, but I’d venture to guess Starbucks employees get some type of discount on bagged beans.

And wait, doesn’t Starbucks offer their employees – even the part-time ones – health insurance? Heck, that’s more than many full-time employees get in their current jobs.

So let me get this straight. Not only would I be making a living (granted it may be at 5 a.m.), I’d be getting free coffee, discounted beans, and health insurance? This isn’t sounding that bad.

So the next time someone asks what I’d do if I got laid off, I’m going to respond – in all seriousness – I’ll be working at Starbucks.

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