Stay Away Sugar Witch! Why I Don’t Make Halloween Candy Forbidden

Halloween is nearly upon us! Soon we’ll be carving pumpkins, dressing up and strolling the neighborhood in full trick-or-treat mode. And with Halloween comes candy. I’m over at Babble sharing a post entitled, “I Don’t Agree With Taking Kids’ Halloween Candy Away From Them.”

In the article, I talk about how when I became a parent, I knew I did not want Sophie to have the same relationship with sweets that I had as a child. That is the main catalyst why I’ve chosen not to make candy forbidden in my house. While I certainly understand the need to ration candy to protect teeth and avoid childhood obesity, the reality is that making something forbidden only makes it more desirable, especially in the eyes of kids.

I also wrote about how I grew up with a father who was very strict about not allowing sweets — especially candy — in the house. Halloween night was tainted when we were forced to sell our candy to dad for a few bucks. While I know my dad only wanted to keep his daughters healthy, his “concerns” came with consequences. Instead of thinking of candy as something to avoid, I desired it even more.

Click over to Babble and read more about my childhood relationship with sweets, why I don’t forbid Sophie to eat candy, and how instead I focus on teaching my daughter how to make healthy choices.

I would love to hear from you! What is your opinion on Halloween candy and sweets in your house?

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