The Summer List 2013

Summer is here! Although the season just officially started, Sophie and I have been on “summer vacation” since the first week of June when she finished preschool! That’s right, my little Sophie is no longer a preschooler and will be entering kindergarten in just over two months!

last and first day school

Since her last day of school, we’ve been enjoying our days hanging around the house, doing local activities, crafting/painting, swimming lessons, and spending time outside. I purposefully did not schedule our days full of camps and activities so we both have time to relax and enjoy our home and backyard. It’s nice to have the freedom to be able to do what we enjoy.

Like walking the dogs …


Going to the park …

park collage

And working on art projects …

painting outside

backyard art2

We finally got around to making our Summer List. As you can see, it’s full of lots of fun plans. We’ve already done quite a few projects — stay tuned for photos! You can also follow me on Instagram (leahsthoughts) since I take A LOT of photos before they make it to the blog.

Here are our past Summer Lists: Summer 2012Summer 2011 and Summer 2010. I can’t believe this is our fourth summer doing this!

What do you have planned this summer? Does your family make a Summer List?

***If you subscribe to my blog through Google Reader, it’s going away on July 1, 2013 (Google Reader, not my blog). If you don’t have a new reader yet, I recommend Feedly. That’s the tool I use to subscribe to all the blogs I read.***

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