"Leah provides an invaluable service to attorneys like me who do not have time or knowledge to market our practices, but know it needs to be done. She is an excellent writer and understands how to write effective blog posts and website copy that will draw in readers and is easy to comprehend, but is not full of legal jargon. The blog posts she's written for me have directly resulted in clients and referrals for my practice. Leah is not an attorney, but her knowledge of the legal fields and how to apply it to marketing is exceptional. I highly recommend reaching out to Leah if you need assistance with marketing, writing, editing for your law practice."
"Wow! I had no idea this [feature story] was going to be this HUGE! Thanks to each of you for the honor of being featured with the Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra (THSO) in this wonderful way. I am most grateful. Leah, you did a wonderful job of representing my words, ideas, and gratitude for the role I have been able to play during this exciting time in Terre Haute. Joe, the pics are fabulous. Alicia and Max (and others), thank you for the support and warmth you have always shown me and for your efforts to help the THSO through our recent difficulties. With appreciation and deep gratitude!"
"I hope this finds you well. I wanted to write and express my gratitude. The article is wonderful. My business will never be the same. I have already gotten one very good job-lead from a reader, and I am sure more will come. This year will be a big one for my budding business, and that is partly thanks to you. ... What you all do at Edible Indy is improving the culture of food in our state, and I am so grateful to have been a part of it."
"When we were looking to hire a Managing Editor to grow our Spoke Contributor Network, choosing Leah was a no-brainer. She's extremely smart, passionate, and self-motivated, and we knew she'd be an excellent person to foster and build the Spoke community. As a experienced writer herself, she knows how to help writers improve their skills, and what bloggers are looking for to help them grow their online presence. This made her a perfect first Managing Editor for our contributor network, because she was able to recruit quality writers and help us serve those writers in ways that helped them grow. In her time in this position Leah not only recruited writers, but she really fostered a sense of community. She helped us improve our offering to writers and worked as an advocate on their behalf. We are extremely grateful to Leah for her hard work getting the Spoke Contributor Network off the ground."
"I took two of Leah’s writing classes, “Writing 101: Get the Ideas Out of Your Head and Onto Paper” and “Writing Inspired by Photographs.” Both experiences made me feel as if I were back in a college writing course. Leah provides informative handouts, a place where people are free to discuss their ideas and are encouraged to do so, and she advises people to seek out other resources and places to learn if her class is not the right fit for you. If you are looking for a writing class to get started that is comparable to being in a college classroom without the price, then I recommend looking into Leah’s classes."
Kerry Ann
Writing Workshop Participant
"I recently took a writing workshop led by Leah Singer. It was very informative and offered new writing tips I wasn’t aware of before the workshop. The workshop was a comfortable setting— allowing members to openly share their ideas and writing. I would highly recommend hiring Leah to host workshops on any topic in her field. She was well-prepared, knowledgeable, and cared about our progress."
Kasy Long
Writing Workshop Participant
"I took Leah's class, "Writing 101: Get the Ideas out of Your Head and onto Paper," and it was a phenomenal jumpstart for my writing practice. It gave me some much needed confidence and was a safe space to get my creative juices flowing and then get constructive feedback on my ideas. I highly recommend taking a class with Leah, she's a great instructor, is very encouraging and is creating a great community of writers of all kinds here in Terre Haute!"
Writing Workshop Participant
"Thank you, Leah, for the professional editorial input you have given to the six books I have self-published. There has never been a grammar or spelling error found in any of them. I particularly appreciate the input you have given me concerning content. I value your insights and have accepted all of your suggestions. Anatomy for Kids is very grateful to you and I look forward to publishing many more books with your guidance."
“Thank you so much for the great article [Edible San Diego magazine] you wrote about our bakery.You did a great job and really portrayed what our bakery is about.”
Louie Prager
Prager Bros. Artisan Breads
"Leah worked as a consultant for the California Charter Schools Association for several years, writing profiles, assisting with video scripts, social media, website content, special events and virtually all aspects of our communications program. Leah was amazing to work with - professional, creative, independent, collaborative, and timely. She is a talented writer who could write for any audience often taking complicated topics and making them understandable. She was a wonderful to work with and a great asset to our team."
“I attended Leah’s class on LinkedIn for lawyers, at which she taught me a slew of expert tips for using LinkedIn to reach clients and recruiters. She suggested I make a single key change to my profile; within a week of doing so I started getting headhunter calls for jobs at AmLaw 100 firms! Leah deeply understands how LinkedIn works and how your targets will use it. Thank you, Leah, for showing me how to use LinkedIn so much more effectively!”
Kate Mayer Mangan
Owner at Donocle, Consulting and Coaching for Lawyers
“Leah gave me an honest appraisal of my branding language for LinkedIn and my website. I also took a workshop called “Writers Bootcamp” with Leah and I found that the tips and templates that she gave were very valuable in building my brand and my business.”
Liz Lemesevski
Provides Practical Wisdom on Profitability
“Leah and I have known each other for several years within the personal blogging world, and I was thrilled to be able to collaborate with and utilize her skills for the professional blog I manage. With her extensive background in the higher education field (and specifically legal education) her knowledge and writing skills were a great resource for us to tap for our site. Not only is she responsive, reliable, and punctual with her work, she’s also able to provide input on content and SEO practices that would be relevant to her client. I highly recommend her to any professional or company looking for additional help with maintaining and creating content for their site or blog.”
Stephanie Totty
Digital Marketing Director, ExamSoft
“Leah helped me rebuild my own story and start a new conversation. Without her support I wouldn’t have been able to articulate, verbalize and share my story. I highly recommend her services, most of us need an expert like her!”
Veronica Yepez
Founder + CEO, Perpetum Consulting
“Leah gave a wonderful presentation for the San Diego chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association about the power of LinkedIn. We received an incredible amount of positive feedback — especially from members who thought they knew everything there was to know about LinkedIn. So novices and social media “experts” alike were able to take away valuable information.”
Diana Vellos Coker
Employment-Based Immigration Attorney
“As a professional author herself Leah understands the marketing needs of authors. She delivered a press release and is helping me to develop a marketing strategy for the launch of my work of fiction, The Canoe. Knowing very little about the book world,having her as part of the team of professionals helping me to launch my book has educated me and given me confidence." She is highly personable, and knows when to give direction and work with suggestions. I highly recommend working with her, and look forward to working with her again.”
Michelle Baker
Author and Visual Artist
“If you’re a small business owner, consultant or expert who has articles to write or a blog to manage – but don’t have the staff or the time — you’ll want to read this. Leah came highly recommended to me when I asked for a blog writer and blog editor for DIYMarketers.com. She has been a true gift! Her writing is solid and authoritative because she is a marketing and social media expert in her own right. She is timely and consistent — this is so important for a blog that has to have articles posted in a timely manner. I hired Leah to help me manage the blog and since then, she’s also helped me write articles and increased the amount of content that I can product. In addition to these things, she helps me manage social media and any additional promotions that I have around the site. I’ve enjoyed working with Leah so much that I’ve referred her to several of my clients — and I continue to refer her to clients who are looking for wonderful small business and marketing writers. While Leah is great at writing small business and social media marketing articles — she’s super versatile as well. I also work with industrial clients who need marketing content and she has eagerly stepped up to the plat to help me write highly technical content as well. She’s not afraid of digging into a subject, doing research and whatever it takes to make sure that YOUR project is an accurate reflection of your brand.”
Ivana Taylor
President, DIY Marketers
“Leah is professional and prompt. As a writer, she quickly ramps up on new topics and styles, which makes her an asset to Egg. Her writing needs little editing, and our clients always love the results!
Susan Payton
President, Egg Marketing and Communications
I learn something knew from Leah every time I attend one of her workshops or seek her advice. The last workshop she co-facilitated, Generating Revenue as a Speaker and Storyteller, was full of valuable information and guidance. Just recently she helped me with blogging. Leah is warm, inviting and knowledgeable. I highly recommend hiring her or working with her.”
Christy Heiskala
Founder, Educate to Eliminate
“Leah is an excellent communicator and I am glad to count her as a former colleague and current friend. At a fast paced, public university, flexibility is key and that is a difficult skill to find in a communication professional. Leah was able to rise to the challenges of this type of environment. At times, she was called upon months in advance to create in-depth and complicated speeches about large philosophical issues facing the nation and at other times she had an hour’s notice to prepare speaking points for a live television interview. Before we hired the communications director position, there was trepidation and the concern that the position might not be needed at a full time position and rate. After six months, the leadership team could only ask, what didn’t we hire a communications director sooner? Leah made a real, positive difference to the President and the entire university community."
Betsy Kinsley
Former Chief of Staff, SDSU Office of the President
“LEAD San Diego needed a writer and person skilled in marketing and social media to help us keep our communication efforts going in a transitional time. With only an hour of formal training, Leah was able to hit the ground running. She created excellent content, took over website editing, kept our social media efforts going, and wrote and distributed several email blasts with very little direction. She is a true professional and kept the LEAD management in the loop so we did not have to worry about projects falling through the cracks. She also did a wonderful job training our new marketing director. I highly recommend Leah for your writing, marketing and social media needs.”
Vicky Carlson
President + CEO, LEAD San Diego