Rainbows Hanging in the Wind

You may have noticed I’ve been absent for several weeks. I’m so sorry, my friends. I was SICK! So sick! I got hit with the flu that’s been sweeping the nation, which then turned into a sinus infection and utter exhaustion. Finally after two weeks, I’m feeling somewhat normal. I’m still physically very tired and cannot do much. But I’m trying to rejoin the Land of the Living.

So the subject of this post — Rainbow Windcatchers — is a craft I did with Sophie that makes me happy when I see it hanging in my family room. We made rainbow windcatchers, inspired by Meg at Whatever. This project was so fun, colorful, and creative.

Here’s what you need: paper plates, rainbow paint and paint brushes, streamers, and some string. Essentially you cut the paper plate in half and paint a rainbow on both sides. Then set the plate aside and let it dry.





Once the two rainbow slices are dry, glue the pieces of streamers to the inside and staple the rainbow halves together. You can match up the corresponding rainbow colors, or not — it’s up to you. Then punch a hole at the top to hold the string. Isn’t it pretty?!





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