The Benefits of Boredom

I made a bold move at the start of this summer, which was NOT to fill the entire summer with daily camps and activities for Sophie. I was going to take a chance (on both our sanity) and see what would happen without every minute being scheduled.

I was talking with some fellow moms recently about summer plans. One mom stated that she does not allow her kids to be bored; it was simply not an option. In reality, no parent wants to hear their child constantly say, “Mom, I’m bored.”

But in watching Sophie and other kids more, I truly believe that it’s okay for children to be bored. In fact, amazing things unfold when kids are – gasp – left to use their imagination and think on their own. In fact, Sophie has created several things she may not have had she not been bored. They include …

A fort made with blankets and chairs. The fort was originally built around a couch. But she got too warm and rebuilt the fort closer to an electrical outlet for a fan. She then sat inside the “air conditioned” fort, read a stack of books and ate ice cream. 



Spontaneous backyard art …

rock paint

Channelling her inner Jackson Pollock …



A completely homemade puppet show theater and finger puppets, which Sophie later used to give Bryan and me a show.

puppet theater

Self painting …


Making a “museum” out of playroom toys. This particular exhibit item is 2,000 years old! 


I love her little details, like apple crusher tops inside the “door.”


 Creating decorations from  craft supplies.


Outside mud kitchen play …

mud play

I’m not saying Sophie and I haven’t been enjoying the park, movies, outtings, craft projects, a few weeks of camp, and the activities on our summer list. But this summer has been so relaxing and I’ve really enjoyed watching Sophie’s imagination and thought-process unfold. Yes, boredom does have its benefits!

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