The “Blogger’s Block” 15 Things About Me

I have Blogger’s Block. This is my own, very technical term meaning I can’t think of anything interesting to write. So instead of beating myself up for not writing a compelling, full-length post, I came up with 15 random things about me that I’m sharing with you today.

1. My middle name is: Rachel

2. Current need: New running shoes

3. Current want: Tickets to The Eagles performance in Los Angeles in January

4. Something I want to accomplish before I die: Learn to play the guitar

5. Currently watching on the DVR: Homeland, Parenthood, Law and Order: SVU, Shark Tank

6. Tattoos or piercings: No tattoos. Technically 5 earring piercings, but I only wear one earring in each ear.

7. I will never: Go gluten free or run a marathon (just not interested)

8. What’s currently playing on my iPod: Technically I don’t have an iPod. But I listen to music on my iPhone. My current mix includes: Ryan Adams, The Avett Brothers, Mary Chapin Carpenter, The Eagles Greatest Hits (see #2 – this is the next best thing).

9. Bad habit I should kick: Biting my nails

10. Pet peeve: Clutter and the television on when no one is watching it

11. Biggest regret: Amassing credit card debt

12. Chore I hate doing: Emptying the dishwasher

13. Most recently I did this and wasn’t sure if it was the best idea: Told Sophie if she didn’t eat three measly baby carrots, I would call the pediatrician and get her a shot that contains veggie vitamins. It nearly backfired when I thought Sophie would opt for the shot.

14. I’m embarrassed to admit this, but: I’ve never seen Forrest Gump, Ghostbusters, or Top Gun — and I don’t really care to any of them

15. I get stressed out by: Watching movie trailers. The reason is because I see a movie that looks so good from the trailer. Then I pine away for the movie to be released and get so excited when it finally does that I’m inevitably disappointed when I see it.

Now it’s your turn: Answer one of the items below about yourself in the comments. 

If you have Blogger’s Block, feel free to use this prompt and grab the button too (would love a link back if you do). 

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