The Dry Spell of Seasonal Candy

I hate to break it to you, but we’ve reached the end … the end of the holiday candy season. Yes, my friends, we are now in the throws of what I call, “the dry spell of seasonal candy.”

Specifically I’m referring to the time frame of mid-April – when the Cadbury mini eggs, jelly beans and Peeps make their way back to the warehouse – to October, when candy corns and mellow cream pumpkins show up in full force for Halloween.

From as early as September through April, us candy junkies are set. Before you even have a chance to mourn the passing of Halloween, Christmas candy is everywhere. Candy canes, Christmas tree peppermint nougats, red and green Hershey kisses … the options are endless.

Once you ring in the New Year, Brach’s busts out candy conversation hearts and cinnamon chews. Then we spring into Easter. That’s approximately eight months of seasonal candy to munch on at the office, display in cute holiday bowls, and admire on your kitchen counter.

But once Easter ends, that’s it. The candy’s gone. Nothing. Zilch. Zero. This time of year can be a real challenge to us candy junkies – those of us who measure time and seasons based upon the confection selection on grocery shelves.

And why such a dry spell?

The Fourth of July is festive; it certainly has a color scheme. Why don’t the candy companies capitalize on the red-white-blue paraphernalia? And think of the money Russell Stover’s and Hershey would make by creating a special Mother’s Day surprise or a Father’s Day candy. How about a lollipop in a nice summery melon flavor? A Kosher apple candy for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) in September?

Come on, candy companies – work with us junkies! We simply cannot wait until Halloween! In the meantime, I’ll start counting the days and looking forward to the holidays ahead. … Only 156 days until October 1!

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