The First Day of Kindergarten

We made it to kindergarten! Sophie had a fantastic first day and I managed to not shed any tears. Well, I didn’t shed any tears on the first day, but I was quite emotional the week leading up to yesterday. More than anything, I was just so excited for her to start this new phase in her life. She was a bit nervous before the bell rang, but the minute she got into her classroom and sat down at her desk to color her “welcome to kindergarten” picture, she was perfectly content.

My favorite part of the day was picking her up and seeing the grin stretched from ear to ear. The first things she said: “I LOVE kindergarten,” followed by, “Can I buy my lunch tomorrow? They have chocolate milk!”

As Sophie starts kindergarten, my hope for her is that she looks forward to going to school and embraces learning. My memories of elementary school are not very pleasant. I really struggled with learning and found most of the work extremely challenging. My wish for Sophie is she embraces learning rather than fears it. If her personality and preschool years are any indication, I think we’re off to a good start!

Thank you all for voting on Sophie’s first day of school dress. But as you will see from the photos below, Sophie opted for the familiarity and comfort of a tried-and-true outfit rather than a new dress. I can’t say I blame her for picking a known outfit for a very unknown day.

 Sophie walking to school. Did I mention our school is only a 13-minute walk from our house? 

walking to school

 Me and Sophie …

1st day_leah and sophie

Bryan and Sophie ...

1st day_sophie and bryan

Sophie’s desk (her favorite part of school) …

1st day_supplies

So excited about the new crayons. Sophie said, “They’re Crayola!” 

1st day at desk

Happily working …

1st day at desk2

And of course, a look back at previous first days of school …

first days of school_2013

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