The House That Sugar Built

I finally saw Moneyball this week and it lived up to everything I hoped it would. This Aaron Sorkin-scribed baseball movie was amazing! However despite today’s title referencing baseball history, this post is not about sports in the slightest.

Today’s post is all about the gingerbread house that Bryan, Sophie and I decorated. Gingerbread, icing and candy — December sugar at its best.

I bought the gingerbread house pre-assembled with two tubes of icing ready for use. Sophie and I chose several candy varieties from the 99-Cent Store and Walgreens. Then it was off to decorate.

We all got into the decorating. Even Bryan had fun. In fact, he’s thinking of investing in decorating tools for next year’s house.

Yes, that is purple eye shadow on Sophie. And no, she doesn’t wear it out of the house.

Here is our masterpiece. Bryan did the front with the chocolate snowcap border and M&M wreaths. I did the gumdrops and marshmallow snow piles. That poor snowman has already been devoured.

After finishing the house, the first words out of Sophie’s mouth were, “Can I eat it now?!” Her definition of eating the house is picking the candy off.

Hopefully I have not bored you all with my recent photo posts, crafts and recipes. I’ll return to more writing after the holidays.

Happy Holidays, My Friends! What are you planning for the last week of December?

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